3-7 business days

After National Verifier confirms each application, Cintex will process the order and transfer the free smartphone to the customer in 3-7 business days.

What comes with my phone?

Besides the smartphone, in the box, we will include a charger and a user manual. In addition, in some phone models, we may include a headset and a case.

4-10 days

However, in some cases, the order processing time may take longer (4-10 days). It could be due to the following reasons:

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1. Your application is not accepted

If the application is not accepted, Cintex will notify via SMS and email. You need to follow the instructions in the email to be able to update the documents.

2. Your profile needs to be reconfirmed

There are many reasons that records need to be re-validated, and the most common error is that the proof image is not clear or does not meet the requirements. We will regularly update you with your application, making sure to enter the correct phone number and email.

3. The address and phone number you provided is incorrect

Many customers use the wrong phone number and email, so the shipping company cannot contact and find out your address. Therefore, to avoid loss or you do not receive the order, please use the correct address and personal information such as email and phone number.